Booking quickbooks in-kind donationsGifts in kind, often called “in-kind donations,” are a type of charitable donation in which, rather than giving cash to a qualifying nonprofit  NGO with which to purchase needed supplies and services, the goods and services are donated directly.

In-kind donations are distinguished from cash or stock shares gifts. While some nonprofit observers have debated the advantages of in-kind donations over giving cash, others have argued for the disadvantages of gifts in kind, particularly in the context of disaster relief.  For a summary discussion, go to Wikipedia: Gifts in kind

Whatever the pros and cons, the annual volume of entering in-kind donations being made to nonprofits  is on the rise.

So how does a nonprofit properly go about entering in-kind donations in QuickBooks?

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Cash-strapped businesses must make every dollar count. Excess inventory is a drain on resources as is idle unbilled time.

Increasingly companies are turning to barter as a way to boost sales by converting excess goods and capacity into something that can be used for business. And they’re doing it while saving precious cash for those things that require money to buy.

Lisa explains business barter accounting for orange county, san diego, and socal

Different forms of bartering have been around throughout history. In its purest form, bartering is a way to re-distribute resources for the good of all parties involved.

CPA Lisa Aldrich explains some of the tactics and caveats, and the advantage of using a good “barter exchange” –

For one, you need to find someone who has what you want and is willing to trade it for what you have. And you have to agree on how much of each is fair. Direct barter trades are notoriously unequal.

With the growth of the internet, barter exchanges have blossomed worldwide. In 2010, there were estimated to be over 450,000 businesses using barter exchanges, with approximately 400 barter companies worldwide.

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Cloud based Financial Project Manager Software applications have enabled businesses to take advantage of software options that in years previously would have costs 1000s of dollars to purchase and load on even a single PC.

Take Project Manager Software, for instance…

financial project manager software has spawned a revolutionUp until 2006, our options for project manager  applications were few and expensive. Microsoft Project was the big player, priced at well over $800 per license, not including the extensive training that was needed in order to understand the Gantt Charts and set up of connected tasks.

Scott West, CEO of CloudSway writes: “When I was highly reliant on MS Project, we shelled out around $7,000 for the Microsoft project management software licenses and training. Back then (I sound like my grandfather, but the reality is, this whole technology world is changing so rapidly, we all sound like our grandfathers after only five years), it was my only choice, and all I really needed was a good way to manage 15 – 20 projects that had tasks associated with them. We even tried using shared task and calendars from Microsoft Office, to no avail.”

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Change is just ahead!

by Lynnea Bylund on December 31, 2015

May 2015 be a year in accounting for the value of change!  

Have a happy and awakened new year!

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History of Accounting Technologies Infographic

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A “Sales Lead” is a new contact that you are in the process of selling products or services to, but who has not yet become a full-fledged client. You must be able to track the prospect’s contact info and a list of steps that should be completed as a part of your sales closure. When […]

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CPA, Accountant or Bookkeeper?

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Late last year a post by Angie Mohr on Intuit’s Small Biz Blog attempted to differentiate between an accountant and a bookkeeper.   It helps to know the difference when you decide what is actually needed. Especially if you want to get good value pricing return on service. “Many times it depends on the industry and […]

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When launching a new business, remember …

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Launching a new enterprise is a formidable and hectic time. There is much to be accomplished and limited time to accomplish it. If you intend to have employees, there are a variety of federal and state forms and applications that will need to be completed to get your new business up and running.   Employer […]

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QuickBooks 2010 Sunset Approaching

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It’s just about that time again…the time every year when Intuit discontinues supporting an older version of QuickBooks. This is called “sunsetting” a version. As usual, it’s the version from 3 years back. So QuickBooks Pro 2010, QuickBooks Premier 2010, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 10, and QuickBooks for Mac 2010 will all be unsupported by Intuit […]

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QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online?

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Intuit is really pushing its QuickBooks Online these days, but it isn’t a product that most financial pros are confident with.    For many QuickBooks pros, using QuickBooks Desktop (for Windows, Mac is another story) for years, this is where our comfort zone is.  Intuit keeps attempting to push us out of that comfort zone.   They […]

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Cloud Computing Prevents Rain on Your Parade

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Note: Don’t miss the upcoming Cloud9 Real Time 2013 Summit in San Diego Bay on August 14-16 to get up to speed fast on all things related to accounting and cloud-computing. In recent times hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes, and electrical blackouts caused company owners and accounting pros to reflect on disaster recovery and cloud computing. How could […]

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What is NOT Deductible?

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Remember the classic joke about the tax lawyer BAR multiple choice test question in the Tom Cruise movie, The Firm? … The difference between legal tax avoidance and illegal tax evasion is … a) Ten years in Leavenworth b) A smart tax attorney c) Whatever the IRS says it is d) All of the above […]

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QuickBooks Job Costing Set Up

by Lynnea BylundApril 5, 2013

Recently a prospective client asked us about ‘job costing’ in QuickBooks (smart client).  She was planning on buying the QuickBooks Premier Contractor (she’s in the interior design and remodeling business) and converting the existing accounting systems. Her plan is to primarily use QuickBooks for job costing and wanted recommendations that might help her transition smoothly. There is no better […]

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Tax Law Changes for 2012 Business Tax Filings*

by Lynnea BylundFebruary 10, 2013

Last year there were new tax law changes. 2012 didn’t see a ton of tax law changes, but there are several you need to be aware of. Let’s dive right in, shall we? *Source: Feuerhelm Langer, Ltd., a St. Paul CPA firm Write-offs. If you leased or financed used or new machinery or equipment during 2012, […]

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Cloud-based Invoice, AP & AR Management

by Lynnea BylundJanuary 7, 2013 is a Cash Flow Command and Control System that manages accounts payable and receivable for businesses of all sizes. Offering online bill pay, custom invoicing services and collections, unlimited document storage, collaboration tools, and mobile access,’s services easily syncs to users’ accounting software, QuickBooks hosting clouds and online bank accounts to better control […]

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