QuickBooks, Is It Time To Upgrade?

by Lynnea Bylund on December 6, 2011

Every fall, Intuit, the maker of Quickbooks, updates the software. Well, it’s that time of year and they released Quickbooks 2012 in mid September. So, what can you expect in Quickbooks 2012, and, as usual, there have been some obvious improvements:

QuickBooks 2012 Is readyAn easier start-up experience, for one. In earlier releases, to set-up company file, one had to go through the Interview sequence, which asked you 20+ queries. That is now reduced to a scant 3-4 questions.

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Calendar-based transaction view. You can now look on a calendar to see what transactions you entered and when you entered them. This will make it easier for some business owners who are more visually focused because before they would have to look through transaction printouts. 

Better Excel integration. In previous versions, if you exported data to an Excel spreadsheet, then changed the appearance with fancy fonts and whatnot, you would have to re-export the data and re-do the spreadsheet if the data changed. Quickbooks 2012 allows you to now export this data to your fancied-up spreadsheet without getting rid of the formatting.

A neat new function for us report junkies allows you to share and upload customized reports of other users. What this now means is that if you run a construction company, for example, and want to see what other customized reports other construction companies are using, you can now get that information via an App-like store. Intuit of course checks them first to make sure they are good enough to be distributed.

A little bit better CRM solution. A few years ago Quickbooks had a separate CRM solution. I believe it was called Quickbooks Contact Manager. I owned it and quit using it after 3 months. It was horrible and Intuit stopped making it a year later. Well, they are stepping back into the CRM arena with new features in Quickbooks 2012. Now, you will be able to enter and keep track of sales leads and prospective customers instead of having to input them as full-blown customers. You can also attach files, such as Word documents and PDF’s to any transaction which will help with important documents for particular customers or transactions.

And, just as always, Quickbooks 2012 comes in the Pro and Premier versions, with Premier versions having various specialty versions, such as the Accountant and Contractor editions. The Mac version of QuickBooks is also getting an upgrade for 2012, however, just like prior versions, it is still not nearly as robust as the Windows version.

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