Financial Project Manager Software Comes Of Age

by Lynnea Bylund on January 1, 2016

Cloud based Financial Project Manager Software applications have enabled businesses to take advantage of software options that in years previously would have costs 1000s of dollars to purchase and load on even a single PC.

Take Project Manager Software, for instance…

financial project manager software has spawned a revolutionUp until 2006, our options for project manager  applications were few and expensive. Microsoft Project was the big player, priced at well over $800 per license, not including the extensive training that was needed in order to understand the Gantt Charts and set up of connected tasks.

Scott West, CEO of CloudSway writes: “When I was highly reliant on MS Project, we shelled out around $7,000 for the Microsoft project management software licenses and training. Back then (I sound like my grandfather, but the reality is, this whole technology world is changing so rapidly, we all sound like our grandfathers after only five years), it was my only choice, and all I really needed was a good way to manage 15 – 20 projects that had tasks associated with them. We even tried using shared task and calendars from Microsoft Office, to no avail.”

From Scott West’s Blog – 

Basecamp and the cloud-based project manager software revolution

And then, in 2006, a web based application called BaseCamp arrived. It was easy to use, so no training was necessary. It was fully web based, so I did not need to make sure my Windows software was up to date, or my firewall was closed, and it was damn cheap! $50 to manage 40 projects and unlimited users or external connections.  $50 a month! Now, many of my technology brethren will tell you, “you cannot manage a software project with BaseCamp, and maybe you cannot, but you could manage thousands of design, construction, landscaping and other firms with BaseCamp.

Shift Happens: CloudSway’s Financial Project Manager Software

What BaseCamp really did was open a door to other project manager software developers, allowing them to craft applications tailored to specific industries. Soon we saw FogBuz, Trillo and Pivotal, project management software offerings all focused on the craft of Agile and Waterfall design.  A new world was born, and the birth of a new form of project management was created,

Financial Project Manager Software

Financial Task To-Dos Collaboration Dashboard from CloudSwayCloudSway is pioneering this new form of financial project manager software, where daily financial duties are actually considered tasks on a to-do list. The question of whom spent $5000 at Best Buy are answered through to-dos, so answers can be tracked.

We believe that a company’s financials are their greatest asset and should be nurtured no less than the care which is placed into building a custom home. CloudSway continues to pioneer the art of sharing sensitive, timely financial data with teams, keeping everyone sharp as to the strengths and weaknesses of the company.

When Basecamp broke into the Project Management Software market in 2006, they did not know they would create a revolution, but they did know they were providing an important new application needed in the community.

CloudSway too has started a revolution, a revolution of a company’s real time financial project manager software with cloud-based collaboration, available here and now.

… Welcome to the revolution.

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