Choosing the Right Accountant & Bookkeeper

by Lynnea Bylund on September 28, 2011

Good Accountant | Good Bookkeeper | Good QuickBooks ProAdvisorA great accountant is worth his or her weight in ledgers. Choosing the right accountant can be the most important decision a small business can make. In the end, a good accountant is not just a bean counter but a valuable financial consultant, an auditor and a trusted adviser. They can provide you with great financial advice and recommend strategies that can improve your overall business. They can help you maximize your revenues and minimize expenses by uncovering key success factors in your business.

Source: Accounting Aisle

Your accountant gains detailed knowledge of your business and its operations. They can be an auditor, financial advisor, business financing expert or much more. Over time they can quickly audit your business and provide you with the required reporting.

Good OC Accountant?

Is THIS YOUR good business accountant?

But the reality is that not all accountants are created equal. What should you be looking for?

Do they specialize in businesses of your size?

Do they understand your type of business?

Do they understand my unique business issues?

Are you comfortable with this person as an advisor?

Do they have positive recommendations from the business community?

Did they explain their fee structure to you?

Have you interviewed or talked with several candidates to get the best fit?

So how should I decide who is the right accountant for me? Try to do it well in advance of your need or deadline. Start by considering what accounting services you need and who you would work best with.

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