Proper Communication Equals SMB Success

by Lynnea Bylund on February 5, 2012 · 1 comment

Communication Success for SMBs

If you manage an SMB, be prepared to communicate. It’s an important part of what  SMBs do.

The same thing goes for those who lead them. Here are some expert tips and tools to help you better marshall the communications of your SMB enterprise –

Source:  Small Business News – 

Opening Up

Why you must spend time face to face. Technology is great. It connects us in ways never possible before. But there are limitations to what technology can do when building important business relationships.

It’s lonely at the top. But it doesn’t have to be. Here are 10 ways many business leaders avoid loneliness and isolation. As a small business owner you may sometimes feel isolated too. How do you work to avoid those feelings. 

The State of Business

Big companies want to handle your IT. There was a time when IT services for small businesses and startups were handled by smaller firms as well. No longer. Here is why big business wants a piece in serving your IT needs.WSJ

What Washington is telling small business. Small businesses and entrepreneurs did feature in the President’s State of the Union Address. But what is big government really telling small businesses about where they fit in? 

Blogging & Engagement

Why blogging is your business. No better paradigm of business communications exists today than the small business blog. Personal and focused, it is at the same time representative of your brand. But it may turn out your blog is even a bigger part of your business than you thought.

The importance of engagement. Is your small business engaging with customers, clients and the public in the way that it should? What tools and approaches can you use to reach the necessary engagement with your customers? 

Marketing & Sales

The problems with converting leads. Your marketing is a form of communication, but what is really important to consider, when deciding if that communication is effective, is to look at whether your audience is turning into customers. 

Tech Basics

Best gear for podcasting. Podcaster Ileane Smith shows you her personal choice for equipment to use in your own efforts and explains a bit more about why podcasting is so critical to communication in small business today. 

Making Connections

It’s still about the people. No matter how small business communications is done, it’s still a very human interaction. Technology and techniques aside, what will really make you better at marketing and selling is to better understand your customer? 

Do you know your audience? No, it’s not a silly question! Do you? Because all of the above won’t help you much if you don’t. Here’s why you’ll need to consider the people you’re addressing first before finding success.

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1 Project Management Mike October 24, 2013 at 5:21 pm

Its all about team project communication and that requires that th team leader have a Project Management Mindset at all times, employing the THREE ACTIVES.

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