QuickBooks Tip: Verify and Rebuild Data Commands

by Lynnea Bylund on April 9, 2011 · 2 comments

QuickBooks ProAdvisors and Solutions ProvidersLocated below the File / Utilities command in the QuickBooks menu tab, you will find the “Verify Data” and “Rebuild Data” commands. The importance of these commands to your overall proficiency with QuickBooks cannot be understated.

What is Verify Data command?

From Cynthia Huber, CQP | The Marks Group –

This is a tool that QuickBooks provides to help ensure that your QuickBooks data is being stored in the QuickBooks database properly and without errors or problems. QuickBooks stores all of your invoice, checks, reports, etc. in one big digital filing cabinet. Like a metal filing cabinet that holds paper files can get messy and out of order, your QuickBooks file can experience the same problem, only in digital form. With a metal filing cabinet, you can often see just how messy it is getting. With a digital filing cabinet like the one QuickBooks uses, you can’t see if it is getting messy.

The Verify Data command does this for you! Simply run this command on a regular basis (monthly is fine) to ensure that your QuickBooks data has no problems with it. Simply click File – Utilities – Verify Data. Once the process is complete, you should see a screen that indicates problems or no problems with the data.

Rebuild Data command.

In the event that the Verify Data command mentioned above runs into some trouble, QuickBooks will tell you it is necessary to rebuild your data. Make sure to follow the instructions accordingly! Using the filing cabinet analogy from above, the Rebuild Data command is the tool QuickBooks provides to get your digital filing cabinet back in good order and any data problems resolved.

In addition, the Rebuild Data command will ensure that your QuickBooks data is optimized for fastest access and retrieval speed. Your reports will be created at optimum speed and access to customer and vendor information will be the best it can be too. Before launching the Rebuild Data command, QuickBooks will ask you to make a backup copy of your QuickBooks data for safekeeping in the rare event that it has a problem and can’t finish. Once the backup is complete, the rebuild process begins.

Note: If you run the verify data and get an error message and have to rebuild the data, run the verify data again to make sure that the rebuild took care of your issue. If there is still a problem, you should contact your ProAdvisor or Intuit for support.


1 Malka Haskins April 16, 2011 at 1:44 pm

Great QuickBooks tip. TY!

2 Doughboy August 9, 2011 at 11:08 pm

Finally I understant QuickBooks data commands! Yeehaw!

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